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Bowling Tip of the Week

Joseph Steiner

Regional Bowler
Title: Brunswick Regional Staff Member

Topic: Mental Game

All of us bowlers tend to dwell in the past (past performances, the past shot, or your performance from yesterday). The biggest tip I can give everyone is to focus on the present. The shot that you are about to make. You cannot be successful dwelling on your last shot or thinking ahead to your next shot. Stay present and always talk positive to yourself. The word "can't" or "don't" is the worst thing that can come into a bowler's mind. The body registers those words and in return makes your body do exactly what you are telling it not to. Again, stay in the present, control your emotions, and find positives out of every situation.

Also, I've noticed too many bowlers pay attention to their score and that dictates how they are bowling. I have to disagree. I have bowled many good games were I did not throw it very well, and I have also had games were I have shot 170s and felt that I threw the ball great. Don't focus on score or what the person next to you is bowling, bowl the lane! You only can control what happens behind the line, you can't control breaks that occur 60 feet past the foul line. If you bowl the lane and focus on making a great shot you will see your scores go through the roof!

Topic: Physical Game

The most important physical tip I can think of would have to be a straight swing. Your swing is what creates consistency. If you have a straight swing it will be much easier to hit your target over and over again. All the top pros have straight swings which help them repeat shots. If you can have someone video tape you, have them take a video from directly behind you and focus on your swing. Ideally it should be in line with your head at all times (under your chin), if you can work on having a straight swing everything else will fall into place and you will increase your average drastically. I would consider purchasing a Eileen's Bowling Buddy, it is a great training tool that you can use at home to help practice a straight and free swing. Check out

Secondly, balance. Balance is another major factor that all great bowlers have. A good foundation gives us leverage to create revolutions on the bowling ball. Next time you are out bowling focus on "posting" your shot until it hits the pins. It allows you to create more leverage, more consistency, and it also gives you a chance to see what your ball is doing and adjust before something drastic happens.

~Joseph Steiner

Regional Bowler
Title: Brunswick Regional Staff Member & Team Eileen's Bowling Buddy
Regional/PBA Titles: Midco Continental PBA Regional Champion In Sioux Falls, SD. 2nd Place finish in the Wichita Open (Super Regional)

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