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It is the Mission of BowlersConnect to bring the bowling community together. BowlersConnect was developed with the needs of bowlers in mind. It is our goal to provide a free internet website that allows the bowling community to be brought back to its former glory. With your help and contribution to this website, we believe that the bowling community can expand and prosper.

About the Creator

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Taylor Swartz

Birthday: March 12th

If someone asked me to describe myself by using one word, "Bowler" would be it. My earliest memories are that of being in a bowling center. I grew up in a small country town in central New York. My grandmother Lucy managed a local bowling center in the area at the time. My grandfather, father, and two uncles were bowlers. So you can say that bowling runs in my family. I started bowling in junior leagues around the age of 5. I won my first tournament at the New York State Coca Cola Tournament at the age of 6. From that moment on I was hooked on the competitive aspect of bowling. I bowled for the Windsor Central High School Varsity team from 7th grade through senior year. I currently hold the STAC High Average of 220.80 and High Series of 786. I have bowled in many junior tournaments including the PJBT's which are still going strong today. My High Series overall is an 824 and my High Game is a 300. I am currently bowling in local, Regional, and some PBA Tournaments. My ultimate goal is to make it on the Pro-Tour.

I have designed this website based on my personal experiences of trying to find tournaments to go to each weekend. I have found it difficult to find bowling tournaments online. I want bowlers and tournament directors in any part of the United States to be able to go to one website for their tournament needs. I hope that this website will grow and expand and reach my goal of hosting tournaments from every state.

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